Now Accepting reservations for June 1st through November 30th
Closed December 1st to May 31st

Welcome to Historic Ashton Log Cabins

Built in 1921 and still going strong!

  • Looking for a comfortable place to night over?
  • Seeking to stay in a real log cabin?
  • Hopeful to enjoy some history on your vacation to the West?
  • Desiring THE most comfortable bed yet on your trip to Yellowstone?
  • Wanting the best complimentary coffee after a cozy night's rest?

You've Found It Here

Located near Yellowstone and Teton National Park

The Ashton Log Cabin Rentals offers comfortable lodging near some of East Idaho's most famous features. The Henry's Fork for world class fly fishing, Mesa Falls, and Yellowstone and Teton National Parks are all near.

- Watch for new owner, history, reservations, attractions/things to see around Ashton, and more information soon - 

Located in Ashton, Idaho at 1001 E Main.  
For reservations, please contact us directly at [email protected] 
Or by phone 208-360-5865